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Beware!  Whenever looking at a question paper, note the date that it was set.  A considerable number of questions have answers that rely on information that was correct at the time of setting but was later superseded (e.g. the names of holders of political offices, or the football club for which a certain player plays).


Since 2001 the weekly question papers set for WithQuiz matches have been saved on this site.  Approximately 30 papers are set each season and you can access them (questions and answers) by choosing one of the seasons from the table below.

WithQuiz papers typically include 8 rounds each of 8 questions with a few spare questions sprinkled around in case there is a problem with one of the main questions.  Very occasionally pictures are used but by and large the questions consist purely of text.

Since 2007 matches are played four times a season against Stockport League teams and for these matches the format of the papers is a mash up of the WithQuiz format and that used by the Stockport League.

WithQuiz papers are set by one of the WIthQuiz teams (or now and then by a Guest setter).  Sets of questions from books or online sources are NEVER used.  This leads to an unpredictability which is occasionally mourned, but usually relished, by the players.

Season 2020/21 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.






















Albert Club

Since 2006 the Albert Club on Old Lansdowne Road, West Didsbury, Manchester, has hosted monthly quiz nights.

Each quiz consists of 6 rounds of questions, each round being of a different format. 

The table below provides access to quiz rounds for each particular format of round.  By accessing the format name you will be taken to a page showing how the format works and given a list of quiz rounds of questions and answers compiled to the format concerned.

Bits and Wholes

Call My Bluff

Connecting Wall



Gen Know with theme

Hidden links

I'm a







Musical Connections

Odd One Out

One in 4




Picture Qs






Current WithQuiz season Question Papers

Average Aggregate scored to date for WithQuiz-style papers is: 76.2 points

Date Paper type

Set by

Comments Av. Agg.  
13/10/21 WithQuiz Opsimaths

"...a crowd-pleasing way to get the season started"

"We enjoyed the quiz very much. The 'put these in order' Round 4 was an interesting innovation that worked very well."

"We all thoroughly enjoyed tonight's paper (set again by Opsimaths Brian)"

80.8 Paper
20/10/21 WithQuiz Electric Pigs

"Plenty of variety in both the subject matter and the format of the rounds."

"A pleasing paper from the Pigs and plenty to entertain with the variety we crave."

"Themes were gettable usually by halfway through a round and most questions were well crafted to give us a fighting chance of a correct answer.  Only four questions stumped everyone."

83.3 Paper
27/10/21 WithQuiz History Men

"It was a varied and mostly enjoyable quiz."

"The paper was a good one but (appropriately enough, given the setters) was quite 'history heavy'."

"A very respectable average score of 75.8 for the paper but somehow it didn't really grab us."

75.8 Paper
03/11/21 WithQuiz Charabancs

"The quiz was up to the usual Charas high standards."

"Lots of interesting questions last night, and we enjoyed the set, but the balance did seem rather all over the shop."

"There wasn't too much wrong with tonight's quiz - other than the haunting horror at the end of Round 1 which accounted for two of the five unanswereds."

81.5 Paper
10/11/21 WithQuiz Albert

"A lower average score than of late, but pretty respectable nonetheless, and plenty of interest in the subject matter.  A whole round on Rutland and unashamed classical music right up front!"

"The quiz itself was well-balanced and reasonably tough."

71.0 Paper
17/11/21 WithQuiz Bards

"Some questions provoked more conferring than others but in general it was a very accessible quiz."

"A tidy quiz from the Bards which finished at the Club by 10.00 leaving plenty of time for chat."

"We rather enjoyed the Bards test."

79.0 Paper
24/11/21 WithQuiz KFD

"Lots of variety on offer with plenty of well-received questions mingling with quite a few headscratchers - and even an enjoyable picture round to boot."

"This was hard going."

"Overall a very accessible quiz with a decent aggregate score."

75.3 Paper
01/12/21 WithQuiz Ethel Rodin

"A great paper from Ethel this week.  Loads of tantalising 'Tip of the tongue' stuff and quite a few 'Well, I never knew that' questions."

"Only downside perhaps, the team going second bore the brunt of the unanswerables."

"Overall we thought a good effort from our current league champions!"

70.3 Paper
08/12/21 WithQuiz Prodigals

"By some way the hardest paper this season so far - but one that included some of the most interesting questions."

"The quiz itself was a mixture with, for some of us, an overloading of sport and music."

"Finally thumbs up for Round 4 themed on famous guitarists."

63.0 Paper
09/02/22 WithQuiz Opsimaths

"The quiz was a good 'un with plenty of points on offer and much to discuss and debate."

"Another good quiz from the Opsimaths with some intriguing rounds (the Med, Crime, and I really liked the concept of the 'Events of Last Year' round)."

79.5 Paper
16/02/22 WithQuiz Electric Pigs

"Loved it!  High-scoring, Manc to the core, loads of tip-of-the-tonguery and very little pop trivia.  The Electric Pigs lined up a classic quiz evening's entertainment."

"...however, a few felt the paper had too many unbalanced pairs."

"Plenty of variety (are there any themes left to explore now?) and a Quotes round that went down very well.  The Picture round was tricky especially for us Manchester newcomers."

80.0 Paper
23/02/22 WithQuiz History Men

"A pretty good paper from the Historymen though twelve unanswereds was quite high."

"Gettable themes that generally helped rather than hindered with a nice bit of bingo to round off the evening."

"...the questions were well-crafted and, overall, pretty fair as a job lot."

73.8 Paper
02/03/22 WithQuiz Charabancs

"It was an entertaining quiz."

"What happened to science, geography, history and reasonable general knowledge in this quiz?"

75.8 Paper
09/03/22 WithQuiz Albert

"We all enjoyed the Albert's paper.  Most of the questions seemed perfectly gettable and there was nothing too head-scratching about any of them."

"The quiz tonight was a reasonable challenge...it was the right level of difficulty with enough balance for a fair match."

79.8 Paper
16/03/22 WithQuiz Bards

"I really enjoyed this one.  The scores were pleasantly high ... with a  wide variety of enjoyable setting formats."

"A really good Bards paper produced three tight high scoring games games and for once we could find nothing to quibble about."

"Round 2 was ... a cracking round very nicely themed around the centre of every news bulletin right now."

78.8 Paper
23/03/22 WithQuiz KFD

"This was a paper packed with interesting material ... the paper was full of questions that invited conferences"

"So yes, a tough quiz with not so many two-pointers, but even though it was tough, it seemed fair."

"Some excellent questions"


30/03/22 WithQuiz Ethel Rodin

"A paper that scored a little below the season's average, but more than made up for this by being full of delights."

"The literary Run-ons in Round 1 were very popular - they provided a fresh twist to what has become a well used formula."

"We found tonight's paper a bit of a toughie."

68.8 Paper
06/04/22 WithQuiz Prodigals

"A paper full of interest and erudition (with a few pictures thrown in for good measure)."

"This quiz was well-crafted with many questions offering two ways into the answer."

"There were enough unanswerable questions to prove that the paper was a proper challenge but not so many to raise any 'who knows, who cares' complaints."

78.0 Paper
27/04/22 WithQuiz KFD

"Plenty of points on offer ... and perfectly balanced ... this was an expertly assembled paper.  Most enjoyable was the way the setters found innovative ways to ask their questions."

"It was a fabulous quiz from KFD, full of interest and intrigue."

"KFD produced a clever set of well crafted rounds with questions tricky enough to keep us thinking."

79.5 Paper
11/05/22 WithQuiz Prodigals

"Plenty of points to be hoovered up as the aggregate scores came in well above average."

"We all thought it was a good paper, especially the picture round, which we would nominate in place of a favourite question."

"...some well thought out, and balanced questions."

83.0 Paper
18/05/22 WithQuiz 'Knocked Out United'

"The tally of points on offer was fine but there were concerns about the balance with the harder question in most pairs evidently going to the team batting first."

"Round of the night?  The pictures (Round 3)."

"All our knocked out colleagues worked to produce some excellent pairings and themes so we had a paper well worthy of a final."

78.0 Paper
25/05/22 End of Season Mike Bath Special quiz for the end of season celebration evening n/a Paper