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24th November 2021


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WithQuiz League

13th Oct - Opsimaths (Av Agg 80.8) QB 20th Oct - Electric Pigs (Av Agg 83.3) QB 27th Oct - History Men (Av Agg 75.8) QB
Electric Pigs 31 v 47 Albert Prodigals 49 v 38 Opsimaths Prodigals 48 v 32 Albert
KFD 45 v 38 History Men History Men 47 v 36 Bards Electric Pigs 35 v 41 Opsimaths
Bards 41 v 36 Charabancs Ethel Rodin 50 v 25 Charabancs Bards 30 v 43 Ethel Rodin
Ethel Rodin 49 v 36 Prodigals KFD 48 v 40 Albert Charabancs 37 v 37 KFD

WithQuiz League

3rd Nov - Charabancs (Av Agg 81.5) QB 10th Nov - Albert (Av Agg 71.0) QB 17th Nov - Bards (Av Agg 79.0) QB
Ethel Rodin 43 v 45 Albert Electric Pigs 32 v 38 KFD Opsimaths 32 v 49 KFD
KFD 39 v 42 Prodigals History Men 39 v 28 Charabancs Charabancs 33 v 42 Albert
Opsimaths 45 v 40 Bards Prodigals 40 v 36 Bards History Men 43 v 41 Ethel Rodin
Electric Pigs 40 v 32 History Men Ethel Rodin 36 v 35 Opsimaths Electric Pigs 29 v 47 Prodigals

WithQuiz League

24th Nov - KFD (Av Agg 75.3) QB 1st Dec - Ethel Rodin 8th Dec - Prodigals
Ethel Rodin 45 v 37 Electric Pigs Charabancs   v   Electric Pigs Opsimaths   v   Charabancs
Albert 36 v 30 Bards Albert   v   Opsimaths Albert   v   History Men
Opsimaths 46 v 36 History Men Bards   v   KFD Bards   v   Electric Pigs
Charabancs 32 v 39 Prodigals Prodigals   v   History Men KFD   v   Ethel Rodin

Christmas Break

No matches on December 15th, 22nd or 29th and on January 5th the 2019/20 WIST & Lowly Grail Finals will be played

WithQuiz League

12th Jan - Opsimaths 19th Jan - Electric Pigs 26th Jan - History Men
Prodigals   v   Electric Pigs History Men   v   Opsimaths Electric Pigs   v   Charabancs
Ethel Rodin   v   History Men Prodigals   v   Charabancs Opsimaths   v   Albert
KFD   v   Charabancs Albert   v   Ethel Rodin Bards   v   Prodigals
Bards   v   Albert KFD   v   Bards Ethel Rodin   v   KFD

WithQuiz League

2nd Feb - Charabancs 9th Feb - Albert 16th Feb - Bards
History Men   v   Albert Charabancs   v   Bards Albert   v   KFD
Electric Pigs   v   Bards History Men   v   KFD Charabancs   v   Ethel Rodin
KFD   v   Opsimaths Electric Pigs   v   Ethel Rodin History Men   v   Prodigals
Prodigals   v   Ethel Rodin Opsimaths   v   Prodigals Opsimaths   v   Electric Pigs

WithQuiz League

23rd Feb - KFD 2nd Mar - Ethel Rodin 9th Mar - Prodigals
Ethel Rodin   v   Bards Prodigals   v   KFD Opsimaths   v   Ethel Rodin
Albert   v   Prodigals Bards   v   Opsimaths KFD   v   Electric Pigs
Charabancs   v   Opsimaths Albert   v   Electric Pigs Bards   v   History Men
History Men   v   Electric Pigs Charabancs   v   History Men Albert   v   Charabancs

Val Draper Cup & Plate Competitions

HSL = Highest scoring loser; LSL = Lowest scoring Loser; Cup handicap scores are shown in the latest League table

Val Draper Cup Round 1 (h'caps apply)

Val Draper Cup Round 2 (h'caps apply)

Val Draper Cup/Plate S/Finals (h'caps apply)

16th Mar - V2 away team 23rd Mar - Loser V1 30th Mar - LSL Round 2
    V1     Winner V1   V2     Winner V2   V6   Winner V3
              V3     Winner V4   V7   Winner V5
              V4     HSL Round 2   P1   3rd HSL Round 2
              V5     Loser V1   P2   2nd HSL Round 2

Val Draper Cup/Plate Finals (h'caps apply)

End of Season evening

6th Apr - LSL Semi Finals  13th Apr at The Albert Club
Winner V6   V8   Winner V7

Winner P1   P3   Winner P2