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25th May 2022

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Albert run off with the Question of the Season trophy whilst a combined Ethel Rodin/KFD ensemble take the honours for the evening's quiz

End of Season Friendly Quiz

Winners: 'Ethel FD'

Runners Up: 'Prodimaths'

Third place: History Men

Lots of good cheer as our teams turned out for one last time this season to celebrate the winners, the losers and everything in between.  There was a bit of quizzing with a friendly table quiz prepared by myself, a bit of pitch-perfect speechifying from Andrew and - of course - the distribution of the annual gongs.

When Andrew took the microphone to describe the season his succinct words summed up the prevailing mood well...

  • we were delighted to be back at face-to-face quizzing once more despite a somewhat disjointed season due to COVID,

  • the Prodigals had stood out from the crowd with consistently excellent performances,

  • question-setting continued to flourish as an art form with plenty of new ideas on display,

  • average scores were satisfactorily high (overall league average 75.6) with the Pigs' average paper score of 81.7 the highest,

  • and some welcome new faces had graced our teams this season BUT we must continue to search for new teams (2 more joining for next season would be nice) and more new players to keep our harmless pastime fresh and flourishing.

A happy bunch of Prodigals prove that right now they are at the top of the WithQuiz pile

On the gong front Andrew presented the 2019/20 WIST trophy to Albert and the 2019/20 Lowly Grail to KFD (thanks to COVID it took us until February this year to finally resolve these competitions).

When it came to the 2021/22 trophies: the Prodigals (Best Round of the 'KO United' paper), the History Men (WithQuiz Plate), the Bards (Val Draper Cup) and the Prodigals (WithQuiz League Shield) all stepped forward to get their respective rewards.

If you want to see some rather grainy evidence then follow the link here (thanks to John Dennison for acting as official WithQuiz photographer for the evening).

As is the tradition at these End of Season events all 9 WithQuiz teams took part in a vote for their favourite 'Question of the Season' from amongst the 21 'Questions of the Week' nominated throughout the season.  Albert beat the Opsimaths into second place with KFD coming third.  All is revealed in the table below.

Finally in the evening's quiz a combined Ethel Rodin/KFD team (Ethel FD) came out top by 7 points from a combined Prodigals/Opsimaths team (Prodimaths).  The History Men came  a creditable third 5 points further back.

For those of you that weren't at the Club perhaps you'd like to try your hand at the quiz paper I set.  If so follow the link here.

So that's it until late September when it starts all over again.  Ciao!

Tony picks up Val Draper on behalf of his Bards

'Question of the Season' results....







(Run on) Franklin D Roosevelt’s description of 7th December 1941 (7 words) / Kenneth Williams’s anguished cry when attacked in the Temple of Vesta in Carry on Cleo (9 words).

"A date that will live in infamy" /

"Infamy infamy they’ve all got it in for me"


The Opsimaths

A maths professor at Warwick University, has derived an equation with three variables: departure time, number of children, and number of activities brought along.  What does the equation estimate?

How long it takes until a child in a car asks "Are we there yet?"



(Run on) Unfinished Marquis de Sade novel, written in 1785, concerning the activities of four wealthy men locked away in a castle one winter / MP for Esher and Walton and one of the five co-authors of Britannia Unchained.

The 120 Days of Sodom / Dominic Raab