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League matches start on Wednesday October 1st

The fixtures for the new season are now up on the site - many thanks again to Roddy for doing the maths.

There are very few changes from last year:

  • I've Never Been To One have rechristened themselves as Dunkin' Dönitz

  • I've allowed an extra week's break at Christmas to help Compulsory Meat Raffle with their student vacation problem and to give us all a longer breather than we've had in the past (so the first matches after Christmas aren't until January 14th)

  • Stockport have the task of setting for the WIST Cup games this season

  • a few minor contact details updates on the Team details page

Next Wednesday there's the traditional season opener with a 6-a-side friendly match at the Albert Club.  This year it will be a three-cornered battle as the Sett Valley League (Dave Barras-land) are sending a team to challenge ourselves and the Stockport League.  You are all very welcome to come along - and if you turn up you'll certainly get at least part of a game if you wish, as substitutions are allowed.

Finally, as I hinted last season, I have been redesigning the website.  We are now getting over 1 million hits p.a. on our home page so I want to tidy up the design and make it technically compliant with the standards that (say) Google insist on for advertising purposes.  I hope to have a new version of the website launched at some stage of the season.  Watch this space!

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