"The Italian football club Juventus FC derived its famous black-and-white striped kit from Notts County.  Juventus have played in black and white striped shirts, with white shorts, sometimes black shorts, since 1903.  Originally, they played in pink shirts with a black tie made by the father of one of the players.  Continual washing, however, faded the pink colour so much that the club sought to replace their kit.  One of their team members, Englishman John Savage, was asked  if he had any contacts in England who could supply new shirts in a colour that would better withstand the elements.  Sure enough he had a friend who lived in Nottingham, who being a Notts County supporter, shipped  the black and white striped shirts to Turin.  Juve have worn the shirts ever since, considering the colours to be aggressive and powerful.

On 8 September 2011 to mark the opening of the new stadium in Turin, Juventus invited Notts County for an historic exhibition match.  The game ended 1–1 with goals from Luca Toni and Lee Hughes coming in the second half."

Aggressive and powerful?  Juve have gone on to win the European Champions competition twice; Notts County were summarily dismissed from the FA Cup last season by Accrington Stanley (whose ground, incidentally, is currently known as the Wham Stadium not the Crown Ground - ref Round 7).