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QUIZBIZ - 24th May 2017



The Dunkers win the 2016/17 Question of the Season award; The Shrimps win the evening's quiz


The season was duly put to bed at a raucous Albert Club this evening with Manchester United in the back lounge and WithQuiz in the front lounge.

Mike Wagstaffe from the Stockport League did us proud with an excellent quiz which was eventually won by Compulsory Mantis Shrimp hotly pursued by The Opsimaths and Ethel Rodin in second and third places respectively.

As a quiz bonus Mike asked us to think of an amusing caption for this wonderful picture of Pope Francis.....

His preference was for the History Men's: "This is why I could not be a gynaecologist" which earned the Historians a bottle of wine.

To access a copy of the end of season address including details of who won which award click here.

In the mean time if you want to see a few photos to prove to those at home that you really were at the Albert Club click here.

The Dave Barras Question of the Season Award

In honour of our good friend Dave we have renamed the Question of the Season award and marked it with a plaque which we will award annually.

This season's winners result from a poll of the 29 'Question of the Week' awards nominated on the website each week during the season.  The voting at this End of Season Presentation evening was as follows....






Dunkin’ Dönitz

Which band of the 1980s got its name (according to some) from a piece of graffiti referring to the twitching movements made by prisoners being hanged?

Spandau Ballet


The Charabancs of Fire

Which popular Italian boy's name became even more popular in the late 1930s and early 1940s as fascist households were encouraged to celebrate the three main cities of the Axis powers?



The Prodigals

(‘Hidden celebrity born in Manchester’ theme)

Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before, but which French idiomatic phrase translates into English as 'I’m fed up'?

"J’en ai marre"

....and also

Mike H has compiled an analysis of the 2016/17 WithQuiz season a copy of which was handed to each team at this End of Season evening.  If you wish to view it online you can access it here.

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